You must have already experienced this – you were invited for a fancy party, wine tasting or client event but the outcomes were meagre. Stylish interiors, exquisite food and drinks, deluxe gifts and many people around, so how come you didn’t enjoy it? Perhaps because the event’s concept was wrong. For instance the music was too loud, nobody greeted you upon your arrival, you weren’t introduced to the organizer nor other guests and you felt uncomfortable and lonely. There was nothing left to do than order a drink at a perfectly dressed bartender and look out for a familiar face that would save the day.

We do things another way. You won’t experience the above mentioned situation at our events because we know very well that it is exactly what brings about negative feelings. Our philosophy is to attend to every individual right upon their arrival, explain the programme, introduce them to other guests and usher them to their places. Top luxury is not our priority, we prefer effectivity of the meeting and pleasant event experience. With us enjoyable time is guaranteed for everybody, they get involved and easily interact with others. They don’t get bored, they are proactive because that’s what we are, and tasty drinks are not just a compensation for a failed evening but a nice accessory to a beneficial conversation among new friends.

• Are you organising a company event and your employees hardly know each other?
• Are you organising an event for people who hardly know each other?
• Would you like to help the participants of your event establish new business, work or private contacts?
• Would you like to enhance your company culture and introduce your employees to others across departments?

We will tailor your networking event to your needs:
Help your employees, business partners or clients meet each other personally, without any embarrassment or fear. Give your employees a chance to get to know each other, meet the management, in another way than during team meetings or annual assessment sessions. You will surely enhance your company culture and expand individuals’ horizons. During one or two hours we will introduce everybody to all the others, in an enjoyable and unconventional manner that will be tailored to your company philosophy concept. The evening will have a completely different atmosphere. Participants will be able to make the most of the contacts or experiences for their lifetime because they will certainly find new friends and partners and they will be able to communicate with each other better both on a personal and business level.

Event programme:
It is an organized networking event where participants meet in smaller groups. These groups mix with each other several times during the evening so that one person always meets new faces.

The event is suitable for example for Christmas parties as a welcome surprise that gets things moving and breaks the ice.

In case you are interested in attending any of our events and get more information, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We do believe in personal contact, that’s why we would like to arrange a consultation without any further obligation as the first step towards a potential cooperation where we would assess whether and how we can help you.